QWO: Getting to the Bottom of Your Cellulite



Spa Director & Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

At Aurora Medical Spa, we always strive to remain at the forefront of the aesthetic industry, which often means…NEW TREATMENTS! We are so excited to bring a new treatment option to our patients this Fall that will address one of those cruxes plaguing so many of us— CELLULITE! Cellulite is not your fault. It isn’t caused by how much you eat. It isn’t there because you don’t exercise enough. Eating healthy and regular exercise are definitely doing your body good. Unfortunately, neither of those awesome lifestyle habits will do much to reduce your cellulite. If you really want to reduce your cellulite, it’s important to understand what’s behind it. 

Cellulite is very common, primarily among women (yay us, right?!), and leaves skin appearing lumpy or dimpled typically on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. It’s actually caused by a fat deposit beneath the skin. That fat deposit stems from a combination of circumstances. First and foremost, over time our skin thins. That thinner skin is then pushed outward as fat cells enlarge. Finally, fibrous bands thicken causing tension, eventually creating those signature dimples on your tush. While harmless, any condition that gives skin the nickname of “cottage cheese” or “orange peel” just doesn’t sit well when it comes to the texture or appearance of my legs and booty. So what can we do? Meet QWO. 

QWO is the first and only FDA-approved injectable for moderate to severe cellulite. The enzymes in QWO—called collagenases—target the structural cause under your skin (that fat deposit we mentioned). Studies suggest that QWO works in three ways: releasing fibrous bands, redistributing fat cells, and stimulating the growth of new collagen. Collagen is a buzzword in the aesthetic world because it is a protein found in your body that helps provide structure to your skin and keep it looking youthful. As we age, our natural collagen production decreases in quantity as well as quality. The result? Loss of firmness and suppleness in your skin. Insert QWO (and other aesthetic and injectable treatments) here!

QWO will be injected by one of our highly trained providers, directly into targeted dimples using a small needle. Just like many other aesthetic treatments, these injections are a fairly quick procedure, often completed in under ten minutes. For optimal results, QWO will be done in a series of treatments spaced twenty-one days apart. One of the most popular questions we hear from patients with any treatment is “What is the downtime?” The most common side effect patients experience with QWO is injection site bruising. Studies report that it’s common for a patient’s bruising to lessen after each treatment, often resolving in less than twenty-one days. Consultations are key in determining whether a patient is a good candidate for QWO, and in creating a detailed treatment plan including the total number of treatments needed. Aurora’s skilled providers as always, will thoroughly discuss the treatment, expectations, and follow-up procedures with patients prior to treatment. The most exciting part is that visible results can be achieved in as few as ten weeks! 

Cellulite is a very personal topic that can be difficult to talk about, especially if (like me), you prefer to pretend it’s not there or that it doesn’t really bother you. Out of sight, out of mind. Trust me. I get it. I’m right there with you, ladies. BUT…if those little speckles DO get under your skin (see what I did there), we are here to listen and help you find a solution. Ninety percent of women will experience cellulite in their lifetime, regardless of what they eat or how much they exercise. While that fact still stinks, I hope you find some comfort in knowing that you’re not alone with your cellulite struggles and more importantly, thanks to QWO and Aurora Medical Spa, you do have treatment options!